Monday, February 05, 2007

Bella means beautiful...

What happens when a marketing executive who loves to shop decides to create a website to help shoppers find the best deals on the internet? You get a website where you can Find Coupons with Coupon Bella at Where there is a daily search to find and list the best deals and coupons out there, and in December alone over 150,000 people visited the website. That's amazing, yet it's easy to see why when you visit and see the over 300 places listed that have specials or coupons. Coupon Bella also has a coupon alert system were you can enter your email if you want to be notified when new coupons/special deal are updated. There is also a companion blog that you might find interesting linked from the main page. I like the way the site offers me the chance to search by category or by Store, since there are many times when I know I am looking for a specific item and other times when I know what I want is at a particular store. So, Bella does mean beautiful and that is exactly what is strived for at, a beautiful shopping experience, which in my book is one where you know you've not only gotten just the product you wanted, but a great deal as well.

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Anonymous said... is one of my favorite coupon sites, too. Coupon Bella features lots of retailers in the baby category. I used their 15% off One Step Ahead coupons often last year and saved a lot of money. Thanks