Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ellen Tauscher is she a traitor or the next blogosphere victim?

In reading today's Washington Post it appears some of the blogs on the left feel that Ellen Tauscher isn't "progressive enough" as well as accusing her of helping President Bush.

Do these continuing epsiodes of "When Democrats eat their own" help the party or hurt it? Having personally experienced similar attacks on a much smaller basis, even being called a "helper of Karl Rove" at one point, I think this type of behavior from some of my blog counterparts on the left sends the message that all are not welcome. It gives the impression to those who read this type of thing in the newspaper that moderate voices are not welcome in "their" version of what they believe the Democratic Party should be. You can disagree with someone or not feel that they support your ideals as strongly as you'd like but I really take issue with calling people "traitors". I remember a time not long ago when those of us on the left had a major issue with the impression being given that Democrats were traitors for not supporting the war seems just as wrong for Democrats to do that to one of their own...

While it may be said:

"Absolutely, we could take her out," said Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga -- better known as Kos -

I'd point out as a reminder that they didn't take out Lieberman...

The netroots may believe it has a great deal of power and in the tunnel vision world of the blogosphere it does, all you have to do is look at this quote:

Outraged activists immediately began mobilizing for a fight in 2008. "I didn't even know who Tauscher was 5 mins ago, but now I support a primary challenge against her," one typical commenter replied.

Personally I think it's rather silly to decide on the basis of something being written on a blog that someone who knew nothing about this situation is now going to be against them without any research but that's a downside to the emotional aspect of the blogosphere that we see all to often and could be our downfall, the reality of the internet that so many forget is today's "call to war" is forgotten when the next victim appears. The article is a rather long one but I recommend reading it because it confirms not everyone is agreeing with Working for Us and that the trial lawyers have backed off their support as well as some of the Labor organizations.

It should also be pointed out that the power of the netroots has not transcended yet into the real world and for it to actually have that affect for those outside of the world of blogs, I firmly believe that will not happen if the message is "you are either with us or against us"...Yes, rather ironic isn't it


Head Spinner Scott said...

That is why I do not like wankers like Kos and others like him who are convinced that they are powerful. Bloggers did not win any elections in 2006 for anyone. The effect of most blogs on the left has been the opposite of helping to achieve victory.

I would probably be considered not liberal enough too by them. That is why I think the Democratic Party sucks. I wanted Lieberman out too, but I knew that he would win any general election in Connecticut even if he lost a primary. Now, they have put Lieberman in closer with President Bush than the Democrats.

They call the Lieberman loss in the primary a victory. I call it bad strategy by dullards and egomaniacs

Lisa Renee said...

You know I agree with you.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Democrats (especially the rabid left) eating their own kinda gives me the "warm and fuzzies."

Actually, anyone totally Party focused, regardless of party, eating their own gives me the "warm and fuzzies."

As soon as everyone gets finished eating, then maybe we can move forward.