Wednesday, February 21, 2007 email from Bill Clinton...

Yes, of course I'm sure it went out to thousands of people, so I'm not special or anything and at first I was pretty flattered. Until I realized what it was Bill wanted from me...

Dear Lisa,

Am I enthusiastic about my wife's campaign for president? You bet I am. I know her better than anybody on earth, and she's got the best combination of mind and heart of everybody I've ever known.

All across the country, Hillary is campaigning with the signature wisdom, grace, and humor that make her a great candidate. I know that if we all work hard enough, those same traits will make her an even better president.

You and I know something about waging and winning presidential campaigns.

Winning the White House takes persistence, energy and effort -- not just from the candidate, but from a massive network of grassroots supporters.

Hillary's campaign is off to a great start. And this week, we're going to help take it to another level. Our goal: to demonstrate the range and breadth of Hillary's support by raising one million dollars in grassroots donations in a week's time.

Will you help me get our "One Week, One Million" campaign off to a powerful start?

I can't say I'm ready to donate to the Hillary for President fund...but if you are?

click here



Head Spinner Scott said...

I didn't get one, but I don't know about winning presidential campaigns. I have never voted for someone who won

Lisa Renee said...

I haven't either - I'd bet if these presidential candidates knew that they'd be telling me to vote for one of the others.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Umm, no thank you.

After analyzing my past "investments" in better government, the last thing that I want to contribute is even more of my children's inheritance. . .