Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My poor departed keyboard...

I mentioned this in passing on Glass City Jungle but my favorite keyboard which was a Fellows finally died on me. It was comfortably broken in with most of the letters worn off which for me with my secretarial background wasn't an issue and in a way was kind of cool because it kept the non-typists off my computer. I tried to find the same wireless keyboard but they don't make it anymore. I was using one from the Mac but I hated it - the keys were stiff and it made typing with my joint issues almost hurt. So I decided to try the Logitech since it looked the closest to the one I had and it is better. Not as great as my old keyboard and the mouse I might not stick with (I normally use a small laptop optical mouse since I have such small hands) but I do have to admit the logitech wireless optical mouse was nicer than the one that came with my Fellows keyboard - I never ended up using that one it was too big.

Miguel says I'm picky but I spend so much time typing for me it's important to have comfort.


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Hooda Thunkit said...

Well don't frequent user have the right to be picky about the tool of their affection/affliction?

I just got a new keyboard at work too and I HATE it, but I just Love the optical mouse that came with it!