Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ken Blackwell is almost penniless?

Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows his flair for humor in writing on this one:

In the Ohio Republican Party’s latest the-sky-is-falling fund-raising appeal, party chairman Bob Bennett declares that Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell is “near penniless.”

And to get Republican donors reaching for their wallets faster than Rush Limbaugh stretching for his pain medication, Bennett recounts the encroaching signs of the Apocalypse: “liberal billionaires like George Soros,” “gay civil unions,” “government funded abortions,” and “Sherrod Brown.”

About the only Republican flash point he left out is Hillary Clinton.

“Time is of the essence," he writes in the letter. "We don’t have a day to lose. Ohio’s future is at stake,” he writes.