Friday, May 19, 2006

Driver killed near Mexico/US Border

Either I'm more tired than I thought I was or this CNN story isn't clear. It sounds like the Driver picked up suspected illegal immigrants and was heading back into Mexico. Wouldn't you want illegal immigrants to return?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents began following the black SUV after somebody reported seeing it pick up suspected illegal immigrants near the U.S. side of the Otay Mesa border crossing, Lt. Kevin Rooney of San Diego Police Department said.

As traffic backed up near the border, the vehicle stopped on the shoulder. When agents approached and tried to get the driver to step out of the SUV, the suspect "began to drive off and he veered hard to the left, trying to get back in traffic," Rooney said. Two agents then opened fire, he said.

If they were on the US side when the Border Patrol started following them and were caught in traffic at the border, that means they were on the US side trying to go IN to Mexico.

According to the CNN article, the driver who was killed by multiple gunshot wounds, and no information as to the five people arrested who were in the SUV trying to go back into Mexico as to if they were illegal immigrants or not.

I thought the whole idea was for them to go back home, that the focus was preventing them from coming in to the country.

Fox is reporting this in a similiar manner:

SAN DIEGO — The world's busiest border crossing reopened early Friday following a nine-hour closure that occurred after federal authorities shot and killed the driver of a car headed for Mexico, officials said.