Thursday, April 20, 2006

Perhaps reading before signing would be a good idea

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nobody expects to get a letter from a member of Congress that ends with an expletive.

But that's what happened when Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo., recently corresponded with a resident of her southeast Missouri district.

The letter ended with a profane, seven-letter insult beginning with the letter a - "i think you're an. ..."

copy of letter

Yes, it says "i think you're an asshole".

What makes it more difficult is she added a personal note to the end of the letter as well as signing it. So far no one has come forward and admitted they added the comment, but logic tells you since it was a legitimate letter being sent to a constituent that it was someone on the staff. Unless there is some roving criminal word processor roaming around adding statements to letters...


Me4President wants to share a post that got my attention entitled "Explosive Orgasms and Sharing"

Excerpt: If you are shaking your heads also, try reading someone else to clear your minds.