Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thank you Cleveland Plain Dealer...

I was browsing the Plain Dealer and had just gotten done reading a feature article they had on Mike DeWine, when I spotted a link titled "blogs". So, of course being a blogger and thinking it was blogs from the Plain Dealer writers I clicked.

I then discovered it is a list of Ohio Blogs and they've included Liberal Common Sense on the list.

So thank you, I appreciate being included.



Stephanie said...

Congratulations! Any new blogs you didn't know about?

Aaron said...

ugh...couldn't make it through the article due to their cookie policy. It must be a cool feeling to discover yourself being listed there.

I was blown away the other day when I googled something and found my own name at the top of the results...something I had forgotten how to do and forgotten I even blogged about! lol

Lisa Renee said...

Sorry aaron, I agree the cookie issue can make some of these sites a real nightmare.

Stephanie, didn't find any new blogs but it is a great group of bloggers to be included with.

We're really lucky in this area because some of the local media, especially the Toledo Free Press is very supportive of blogging. It's nice to see this happening in other places like Cleveland as well.

Anonymous said...

I suspect they value you as a disruptor who will help re-elect Republicans in November. Good luck!

BTW, if Tim Russo is your friend, why would you want to associate yourself with a pedophile?

Lisa Renee said...

Another anonymous poster with an interesting IP address...I don't recall ever stating I was friends with Tim Russo. I don't know him nor does he know me, we've never even had an indepth blog discussion. But nice try with the pedophile slam, not accurate but?

If you bothered to have made an educated post rather than one of the cute drive by slams that you anonymous posters seem to love you'd realize I don't participate in the blog dramas and my reference to Tim was done in humor. It's an interesting concept you should discover:

The quality that makes something laughable or amusing

And yes of course you have unveiled my dastardly plot, not only am I making minimum wage from Rove but trying to help get Republicans everywhere elected. Oh yeah baby that's just what I dream about.