Sunday, March 19, 2006

Parents, kids and technology

The above title linked article is one I thought those of us who are parents might be interested in. Especially before your kids reach the teenage years. I do see the benefits of technology but I also have witnessed the inability to just be able to relax...unwind...stop and take those moments in life to do something as simple as look for shapes in clouds. Erin at times is as the article describes:

listening to iTunes, watching a DVD and IMing friends all at the same time.

Unplugging her has not been easy, right now she's without a cell phone, in part because she was using it to IM in school. That earned her a one day in school suspension type situation (a family first) and Miguel had to go in to school to get the phone, it had to be released to an adult.

While I think that was a bit extreme of a punishment and the teacher in question isn't even handed in her application of who she reports? It is against school rules so I didn't do anything to interfere. Besides, it pointed out something that was already a concern. One of my other daughters was using her phone to text message while driving a few months ago. Not a smart move and she ended up in a car accident, no one was injured but it made me really stress something I thought they had enough common sense to know not to do. I made it a point to tell each one of them how lucky she was to be alive and how that there was no phone conversation on the face of the earth that was so important that it couldn't wait long enough for them to pull over. So for me it's more than just unplugging them, it's making sure they are being smart about when they are using this technology.



Stephanie said...

Well, we have a DVD player and they run around like wild, as always, and play while watching their movie...but I doubt that's what they're talking about.

(Stephanie does not have a cell phone, nor does anyone in her immediate family. Stephanie also has no idea what iTunes are, though she suspects they are a new form of downloadable music. However, listening to music while watching a movie seems like a very poor idea.)

Cyberseaer said...

This is no different from when we were in high school. The only difference is that girls popped in a VCR tape to watch a movie, listened to their Walkmans, and talked to their friends on the corded phone. Different technology, same behavior. I think it's a female thing and not a tech thing. Though now girls don't have to listen to their friends, they text them, so that they don't miss a beat of music or a line of movie. People actually talking to you can make you miss those things. LIKE, It's soooo annoying!!! (Head tilt from side to side)

Lisa Renee said...

It's not just girls C, some of the girls male friends are just as technology attached. They'll be on their computers, on their cell phones, downloading, im'ing several people at the same time and doing homework. Even I wonder how it's possible to keep that many conversations going without sending the wrong message to the wrong person. Emily used to drive me crazy because she had animal sounds for her IM or that stupid knocking sound it has. When Draco was alive he was convinced someone was at the door every time he heard that thing.


Lisa Renee said...

You guessed what Itunes are Stephanie, it's a program that you use to download music to an Ipod or similar device.

I used to have a cell phone but now I don't. There was a very good plan thru UT that was only 20 a month so I had one for car or kid type emergency contacts when I wasn't home. Then they changed it so it wasn't worth what the price was going to be. So we decided it wasn't worth it. There's been a few times it would have been nice to have it but not enough to justify it for our purposes.

Stephanie said...

That's kind of how I feel (about not wanting a cell phone). At this point, I'd like a phone line to be open while I'm on-line, but...then again...sometimes I get on-line because I know someone annoying is supposed to call. Mean, I know, but it's better than saying "Stop calling me. I don't want to talk to you." Which, I have been honest enough to do before. Then my husband freaks out and... It's just better to be on-line.