Monday, March 20, 2006

As a woman, this isn't demeaning it's stupid...

The above linked Miami Herald article is about some yahoos on Craigs List that are advertising cheap rent for females who will agree to sex being part of the lease terms.

Here's two additional listings I found listed on the Miami page for Craigs List:

are you sexy? wanna live rent free on one of the hottest streets in the world, Ocean Dr in south beach..see

but you have to give back some TLC..

I'm looking for an attractive female to share my place with. The place is in a very nice luxury building directly on the ocean in South Beach. I am in my 20s, in shape, and successful. The truth is that I am so busy with working, I do not get to go out and meet new people as much as I'd like. Send pictures with your response and tell me about yourself.

According to Sophie Brion, director of the Miami chapter of Women's Movement Now, this is a clear sign that women continue to be marginalized and exploited.

"Advertisements soliciting women for sex in exchange for housing are offensive and disturbing. They are an indicator of how much work still needs to be done to eradicate institutional inequities and harmful attitudes toward women that persist," Brion said.

First off any woman that would do this, is either stupid or has other ideas in mind since one thing to do would be to get the idiot to put the dollar amount of rent as what they are advertising then watch them try to evict you. It's not like they could put "must perform sex" on the lease and try to enforce that as a legal requirement. It's no different that the thousands of internet personal sites where men and women are looking for love in most times all the wrong places, except rather than trying to buy love with jewelry or other items, these guys are trying real estate with beach access.

What this really says about the guys doing this is they believe they have nothing of value to offer a woman without trying to bribe or buy their way into having a sexual relationship. Nor is that anything new, mail order brides is not exactly a new or a no longer used concept. I'd suggest these guys try e-harmony or some other dating service, at least that way they stand a chance of finding some one who might actually be interested in them rather than how many minutes from the beach.



Me4Prez said...

There are probably women that will respond, unfortunately. I always thought the idea that women would chase military men for benefits was a lie. Unfortunately, there were a lot of women that did hunt out guys in the military. One girl who dated a friend said that she just wanted someone to get her pregnant so that they would have to support her. Too bad she told him this after she was pregnant and they were married.

Lisa Renee said...

True, but if someone does something like that it's not because they are being demeaned, lack of common sense when it comes to relationships is something both sexes do. I submit my own previous track record with relationships as evidence I haven't always done everything right either. I'd like to think I at least eventually learned something...Having friends who are married and in the military and seeing how hard they have it trying to survive on military pay I never understood women who thought that was something to be sought after. For them it's they loved the guy and married him even though he was in the military not because he was in the military.


JasonSpalding said...

I just wanted to let you know that I recently updated my blog answering some recent comments and some of my reflections. Stop over I'd love your opinion.

Stephanie said...

I don't find this demeaning. For the women who treat their bodies like commodities it's a great deal (plenty of women take up much worse offers on a regular basis), and sense they're going to be selling their bodies anyway, they might as well sell them to the highest bidder.

Even cleaning came with it, and bringing along a kid was okay, I have a friend who'd probably respond.

Me4Prez said...

I think it is more of a reflection on the men than the women. It is a sad state if the women think all they have to offer is their bodies however

Me4Prez said...

I actually tried to work out the same deal with my wife, but she wanted me to do windows and I had to draw the line somewhere

historymike said...

Plenty of not-so-bright people out there, and I imagine that most of these ads get answered.

There are plenty of less sleazy ways to live on a nice beach inexpensively: Working as a live-in maid, house-sitting, live-in nanny, very cheap studio apartment.

These methods, of course, involve work on the part of the would-be beach bunny. That might not be in their game plans.

Lisa Renee said...

Miguel should have probably negotiated a better deal but tooooo late now.


Dark Wraith said...

Good evening, Lisa Renee.

I usually just read and leave quietly, but suffer me a brief note on this story.

The dear boy offering this arrangement might very well get at least one applicant to come for an interview. That would be the undercover policewoman, wired for sound, who will get him on record face-to-face in a solicitation for sex in exchange for measurable value.

A good prosecutor could then link the direct solicitation back to the advertisement and construct a decent case for not just solicitation in the common manner, but possibly something considerably more noteworthy for a court's docket.

If the young man thinks he has a busy life now, he'll find that it will become considerably busier once he's under indictment. He will also find, in the years to come, that his loser status with ladies will become downright painful should prospective girlfriends find that he's on a state list of sex offenders.

His brilliant plant to exchange room & board for rump & butt might turn out to be the worst idea he's ever had.

Of course, he might get by with what he's trying; but in my judgment, the risk is just not worth the potential payoff, especially when inflatable dolls are so cheap and they won't take up nearly as much closet space as a live consort.

This is, for what it's worth, the opinion of the Dark Wraith.

Rachel Ann said...

Idiots abound.
That's my stock response to such stupidty.

Lisa Renee said...

That is a possibility I did not fully explore Dark Wraith, you have a very good point.

I'm glad you joined in, I always enjoy your comments.