Thursday, July 28, 2005

Some good posts/discussion....

I read I'm just waiting for the robot invasion every day, yet for those of you who have not made it a part of your daily must read blogs? Make sure you stop by today, there are some very good posts and discussion going on over there.

Also don't forget to visit Distance and Watch Blog, where I co-blog.

There are some new names on my blogroll too I recommend, History Mike's Musings among them.


As a P.S., welcome to some of the newest commentors to Liberal Common Sense, I hope you enjoy participating here as much as I enjoy reading your comments.


Cyberseaer said...

Promotion, promotion, promotion. That's how you get the people to know about these things. Though it may be self serving, I am sure that the reading is good and thought provoking. If it isn't, please come with me to campaign for the PB&J Ice Cream Comeback journey from B&J's.

No, I am not giving this up.

Lisa Renee said...

Don't worry C, I have not forgotten your PB&J Ice cream. Boistered by today's episode of receving three cans of Pringles with Survivor trivia question imprinted on each chip,after complaining I couldn't find them anywhere for Aubrey two months ago, I feel energized in the quest to make sure all of us get our favorite food products. Though I would hope Ben & Jerry's doesn't mail icecream...Proctor and Gamble probably shouldn't have UPS'd chips, however some of them are still readable....


Lisa Renee said...

I probably should promote my book too, and my store, and all of my links to the non-profit orgs too.

Sooo consider those all promoted too - lol

While I'm at it, I miss these chip things called "cheese waffles" too. After we solve the PB&J Ice cream situation that needs to be addressed.


Steve said...

Thanks. As a Common Sense Conservative, I appreaciate discussing topics with Common Sense Liberals. Not the wacos who promote hatred of the other party.(Plug in Republican or Democrat)

Lisa Renee said...

I agree Steve, my theory is there are more of us who have common sense out there on all sides of the political spectrum. We just aren't heard as often as we should be.

Too many times we get drowned out by the extremes.

historymike said...

Agreed, Lisa and Steve. The current polarization, for which both major parties share some responsibility, makes it difficult to engage in thoughtful debate.

Lisa is well aware of some of the rancor at, but I run into the same "us-vs-them" mentality in many places.

I recall a day not so very long ago when being a political moderate was a virtue. However, I heard Limbaugh recently excoriate Senator Voinovich, and one of his heaviest criticisms was that "moderates are the enemy."


How about this quote from GOPUSA's Christopher G. Adamo, who claims that GOP moderates are responsible for "the moral bankruptcy of the counterculture relentlessly advancing."

Lisa Renee said...

The internet can be a fantastic way to communicate, learn, and share ideas or end up agreeing to disagree. The downside is because of the anonymous nature of it at times rancor does happen. Thankfully while toledotalk has it's moments it's not like the message board I don't participate on anymore.

Same thing with some of the larger blogs, the comments there can be pretty extreme in nature and people naturally seem to respond to the extreme comments rather the more moderate ones.

The fact that moderates are being blamed doesn't surprise me. It's a way of trying to promote their agenda and take no responsibility for their own hand in causing some of the very problems they blame others for. I agree with you historymike that both parties do this. (Another reason why I would really love to see a third group diminish the balance of power back to what our country was meant to have)

Brew said...

Hey lisa, thanks for the plug!

Lisa Renee said...

Anytime, there is always interesting posts at your place Brew, but today was especially good.


Steve said...

I've used this analogy with my friends during the last election, its like a big rivalry football game. Both sides are willing to say and do anything to win and gain power, even if it hurts the country or goes against the basic political philosophy of the party. The party must win at all costs.