Thursday, July 28, 2005

If first you don't succeed?

Try, try again, and this time use Martin Luther King....

After the last protests did not end up with the desired result of making it to Gush Katif, the anti-disengagement protestors have planned yet another march. The real goal isn't necessarily to make it to Gush Katif which the Israeli Goverment has stated it will prevent at all costs so that it does not make the actual disengagement more difficult with additional people. What the pro-settlers bunch is attempting is to wear down the Israeli police force so that by the time the disengagement happens they are less effective with the hope they can somehow stall the Government.

While more of the actual settlers have decided it is better to take the government offer now rather than wait and loose 30% of the huge payment they will receive for leaving the Gaza, most of the anti-disengagement supporters that didn't live in the settlements anyway are continuing on with their plans of disrupting it.

Earlier they tried to somehow link the removing of settlers from land that Israel agreed to vacate to the Holocaust, now they are trying to link their "struggle" with Martin Luther King. Kind of a very huge leap there, especially since King supported all religions living together.

What they are doing is the opposite of what Dr. King would have supported, making this brother against brother.

As an update...Ariel Sharon is still alive and doing fine despite the pulsa denura, a halakhic curse placed on him by one of the more "extreme" pro-settler's group. Given the participants believe that Sharon will die in the coming 30 days, or else all those who took part in the ceremony would die, if I were them? I'd be starting to make some final plans.


Me4Prez said...

Maybe the people being disengaged will revolt against the protestors since they could mess up their payment and vacation plans

Lisa Renee said...

Now there's a possibility that I hope the Israel Police Force is ready for. I know I'd be mad if they messed with my vacation.


Anonymous said...

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