Friday, August 11, 2006

Talk about an understatement...

I was reading the title linked CNN article on how the new airline regulations not allowing you go bring on just about every liquid are probably here to stay and I came across this:

Nancy McKinley of the International Airline Passengers Association said the new rules are going to be a "huge adjustment," especially for business travelers.

"The challenge is going to be with the airlines on all the luggage [that] is checked and can it actually get to the destination in a reasonable amount of time once you get there -- how long do you have to wait for it and all of that," she said.

That's the main reason why most people who fly on a regular basis try to avoid having to check baggage in the first place. Not just how long it will take to wait to get your baggage but hoping that your baggage actually arrives on the same plane or to the same location you are. Doesn't do you much good if you are in Miami and your bags are in New York...Not to mention having to worry about items stolen.

If you've wondered how many bags end up missing? In Europe:

About 1.4 in every 100 bags goes missing from flights in Europe each year. According to the Association of European Airlines quarterly report and 98m passengers flew on 950,000 flights on the major European airlines alone, in the final three months of 2005. That totals around 7m missing suitcases.

In the US? For June 2006 alone (yes just for June 2006) there were 343,221 reports of mishandled baggage on US Domestic flights according to the US Department of Transportation. That equals a ratio of over 6 reports per 1,000 passengers.



Aaron said...

Yeah, I try to go "carry on only" wherever possible. This will screw me up big time...especially for transfers where you have to recheck your luggage. And I feel really nervous about letting my laptop be slamed around with someones golf clubs.

Aaron said...

(but it sure beats taking a plunge in the north atlantic from 30k feet!)

ToledoNative said...

I feel safer already...

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

When the times require it, you do what is necessary; just ask any Israeli Airlines passenger, they've been putting up with extreem measures for YEARS.

I'll stick with inconvenient, but safe...

Scott G said...

When Israel handles the air traffic that the US does, let us see how patient their passengers will be. If my memory serves me correct, Israeli airports handle around 1% of air passengers a day.

I saw on CNN some lady who managed to sneak several bottles with liquids on in the past few days. And I still wonder if a bomb can be made with a sports drink, why couldn't they also use that airplane toilet water. There have to be some chemicals in there.

Anonymous said...

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