Friday, December 16, 2005

Boy am I glad I didn't switch to typepad....

I almost did a few weeks ago but didn't like what was offered free there versus what is free on blogspot. I am still considering using my domain though so I can use wordpress...

But for those of you who might not know what is going on?

Above link has more info but the basics:

The TypePad application is currently unavailable, which means that users will not be able to log in, and visitors to weblogs will not be able to post comments. We are working to bring TypePad back online as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

My domain name costs me $8/year. Hosting the blog costs me $24/year. That's more than cheap enough for me choose not to deal with Blogger or Typepad. Wordpress is much nicer to work with anyway!

Valbee said...

Yikes... I just noticed my friend Mon's missing some posts from her Typepad blog.

I'm still new at the whole blog thing, but I've had my own domain for several years. I will probably migrate there eventually. Maybe sooner than later since I've got three glorious weeks of nothing to do!

David said...

Yeh, a really good blogbuddy offered me a paid account a while back... and I, well, I was just figuring out how to get around another one of Blogger's quirks—make it do what it doesn't want to do—and... enjoying the challenge. heh. So I thanked my blogbuddy for the generous offer and stayed where I am.

I may decide to mirror my main blogger blog, though. Lotsa stuff I'd hate to lose (mainly cos I'm a packrat. I like to rummage through what i thought last month or last year. :-)

The folks with Typepad accounts are really hurting the last coupla days, though. Ouch!

I know Jerry Pournelle has disdained using blogging software—well, he's been keeping a contemporaneous online journal since the very early 90s. Still using Frontpage, last I knew. Writing it all as though it were a column and posting.

I couldn't live like that... I don't think. No trackbacks? Sorting through email for "comments"?

Still, Zoundry's "Blogwriter" (still free in Beta) is pretty good, except for those times it scrambles posts. I might be able to use that and host my own...

Pick up a thread here? Yeh, I like challenges, just not too steep, and I am partial to free cos, well, I'm a tightwad.

Well, this has been another "let's go chase a few rabbits—oh, wait, maybe squirrels, no... " kinda comment hasn't it? Must be past my bedtime.


Nunzia Rider said...

The News Writer loves WordPress and Nearly Free Speech dot Net.