Sunday, May 08, 2011

Online window shopping in other languages

One of the neat things about the internet is the ability to visit websites from all over the world. Dream of buying that Maserati? It's easy to find them online, not just in the US but in Italy as well. Think that finding auto usate milano "car sales in Milano" won't help you because you don't happen to know Italian?

Google and other browsers will translate webpages for you. While not all of the words always translate from the language of the website into proper English, some terms are easy to guess without a translator, like vendita auto usate, auto is self explanatory, usate is sale, so it's easy to guess the phrase is used car sales.

More detailed information can be harder without a translation, through Google I can learn that
Antonino Aldo created Garage Del Parko was created back in 1978 with his son now in charge of the family business and a lifelong love of cars.

So, you can window shop for that dream European car or even make arrangements to buy a car from overseas and have it delivered. Either way the ability to compro auto usate compare auto sales, translate features, costs, and even be able to find online sources to change euros into dollars so you get an idea of what the car would cost in US dollars can all be done right from your home computer.

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