Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can Obama fight the flight from facts?

The flight from facts is one that's hit our nation when it comes to more than just the President, despite the increase of fact checking sites and myth busting, study after study has demonstrated some of our population is mired in only wanting to believe what they want to believe, no matter what the facts truly are.

This Newsweek piece -- How Obama can fight the lies is an recommended read. Part of which:

Our maddening times demand that the truth be forthrightly stated at the outset, and not just that the president has nothing in common with the f├╝hrer beyond the possession of a dog. The outlandish stories about Barack Hussein Obama are simply false: he wasn’t born outside the United States (the tabloid “proof” has been debunked as a crude forgery); he has never been a Muslim (he was raised by an atheist and became a practicing Christian in his 20s); his policies are not “socialist” (he explicitly rejected advice to nationalize the banks and wants the government out of General Motors and Chrysler as quickly as possible); he is not a “warmonger” (he promised in 2008 to withdraw from Iraq and escalate in Afghanistan and has done so); he is neither a coddler of terrorists (he has already ordered the killing of more “high value” Qaeda targets in 18 months than his predecessor did in eight years), nor a coddler of Wall Street (his financial-reform package, while watered down, was the most vigorous since the New Deal), nor an enemy of American business (he and the Chamber of Commerce favor tax credits for small business that were stymied by the GOP to deprive him of a victory). And that’s just the short list of lies.

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Cyberseaer said...

In short, people suck and will believe what they want to believe and won't bend no matter how many facts disprove their stand. The American public has the shortest attention span and is so polarized because TV, the internet, new tech that makes everything quicker and the US government has made us this.

The government is so partisan, that no one wants to give credit to anyone in the other party. If the Democrats had the cure for cancer, the Republicans would yell out accusations that the real push is for socialized medicine. While if the Republicans had the cure, the Democrats would scream that it was all in favor for the evil pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of the people and make more money that they don't need. And because if this thinking (and with the help of CNN and Fox) this country is more divided then has ever been before.

With this in mind, does it really come as a shock that many people believe in lies and misinformation? As you know, I am not an Obama supporter and I believe the lack of leadership he had shown during the BP oil spill in the Gulf has cemented his one term presidency; I am not going to continue to believe something about him that is proven not to be true. I still believe it was a mistake that the majority of the country voted him in office, but I will not character assassinate the man because of untruths.

All I know is that we need more people to unite this great country of ours or we will suffer the fate of the Roman Empire within the next two generations.