Thursday, May 13, 2010

Decreasing access to the sun and winter creating lack of Vitamin D

A recent study suggests pregnant women are not getting enough vitamin D, even when taking pregnancy vitamins. Those most at risk are women with darker skin, those living in northern regions during the winter, and those who tend to cover up their skin.

In general, vitamin D levels seem to have been dropping in recent years, theresearchers from the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine (UCDSM) and Massachusetts General Hospital found. It was suggested this might be due to a dip in outdoor activity. Vitamin D deficiency in the first years of life is associated with a higher risk for respiratory infection and childhood wheezing, while adults who lack an adequate supply bear a greater risk for heart disease and certain cancers.

Testing and supplementation could be the answer to the apparent problem, a simple blood test indicates the level of vitamin D and the increase in vitamin D has to be compared with the risks from excessive vitamin D intake.

With the recent focus on the sun being a danger, it was interesting to note the research on vitamin D...

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