Saturday, May 29, 2010

America's insatiable appetite for oil is to blame?

Over across the ocean in the UK, the blame for the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not believed to be the fault of the British Petroleum company, but is felt to be the fault of we Americans. At least according to Jeremy Warner:

At no point does it seem to have occurred to him (President Obama) that the underlying cause is rather closer to home; the environmental ruin now being visited on the Gulf of Mexico is not primarily about safety failures at BP, still less is it about lax regulation. Rather it is to do with America's insatiable appetite for oil.

Considering problems with drilling in the North Sea, and a recent methane explosion it's fairly clear that it's not just the US that's had problems with drilling the ocean floors...Disasters have happened since 1967 so it seems it'd be more accurate to suggest many nations have much to still learn about how to prevent disasters...While it's also true that the US uses more oil per day as a nation, it's interesting if you look at who uses more oil per capita - according to this chart.

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monfox said...

The sad part is that many including many millions in emerging economies in the far east want to emulate this oil-guzzling lifestyle. Whether it is oil or illegal drugs somebody will find a way to get you some if there is a demand. NO matter what it costs in real terms to our environment, health and FUTURE. The only solution is individual commitment to stop using this "drug" and lead a greener lifestyle.