Friday, January 22, 2010

Zinc is my new friend....

A friend of mine told me that his doctor had told him to take Zinc, not the lozenges, but the actual Zinc in a pill form, that most of the multivitamins out there even prenatal vitamins don't have the amount of Zinc that is needed to help boost your immune system.

I admit at first I scoffed, because I do have a weak immune system and I typically get very sick a few times each winter, with pneumonia and bronchial infections being common and typically end up having to take a steroid pack or two each winter. However, I decided to try it, the key of course with my memory is to remember to take it every day. The other key is to not take too much, a 50 mg pill of Zinc is enough, too much Zinc can cause other problems so it's not like Vitamin C where some take megadoses of that when they are coming down with something. It's not recommended you take more than that though I know some companies manufacture a 100 mg dosage.

I have gotten sick so far this year since I started taking the Zinc, however, I have not been sick as long as some of the non-Zinc taking members of my household who are younger and do not have a weakened immune system. You should talk to your health care professional or at the very least if you are on other medications ask your pharmacist if you can take Zinc with your other medications but? So far it does appear to be making a difference for me.

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