Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another funny thing about Mafia Wars

You'd think that most of those who play Mafia wars are men, right? Yet I've been surprised by the large number of women who play. The game design, including even the collections that you have to seek out are male inspired, to the point where I see an ad for Davidoff cigars and think about the game since that's a common prize and a collection.

There even appears to be a mafia family or two that's made up completely of women, I experienced this first hand last night when I killed one, and then was attacked by a hoard of female mafia members, a few of which took issue with me "icing" them and put out a few mafia hits on me. Which I always find funny since the whole point of the game is to make money and build points. But? If they want to waste their money on paying someone to kill my online character? Someone will definitely take advantage of it. My longest survival time on a hit list has been 4 minutes and 30 seconds.



Lawrence Moore said...

LOL! I used to play Mafia Wars, but like its counterpart, Castle Age, I found the structure and game mechanics ultimately defeating for all but the most fervent player... not a good thing for an online game.

Now I waste my time playing FarmVille. No worries about my next door neighbor trying to "ice" my cows while I sleep, and "building my empire" isn't nearly as painful. Now all we have to do is struggle with Facebook's many system interface problems, who obviously were caught off-guard by their sudden popularity, and can't keep up with user demand. :)

Lisa Renee said...

They have me playing Farmville too - lol I didn't know you were on FB so I sent you a friend request. We can be neighbors.