Monday, August 17, 2009

Small businesses in US versus elsewhere

A recent study released by Center for Economic and Policy Research has been creating some discussion because with the way the statistics were studied and reported, the United States is not ranked in the top ten when it comes to the percentage of small businesses, we rank 7.2% on the self-employment rate compared to countries like Greece, with the highest self-employment rate of 35.9 percent. Some of the discussion surrounding this is on the lack of a universal or public health insurance option since some of the countries with higher self-employment rates do have health insurance available through the government.

What I also wondered but the research did not go into was are there higher costs here in the US for small businesses for business insurance as well? We have the reputation of being a nation with more litigations filed than other nations as well.

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Anonymous said...

Small business is the backbone of America. They employ 70-80% of all Americans.
Obama'a attempt to destroy capitalism hurts small businesses the most.
This Marxist / Socialist coup must be stopped ASAP.