Monday, August 17, 2009

My last child entering high school is not starting out well...

I've had problems before with Toledo Public Schools, but this time around I'm getting so tired of the disorganization, the miscommunication and the downright stupidity. I received a phone call this morning that one of my youngest daughter's classes was not going to be taught this year. The fact that I had to actually go through hell to get her into the class before school was let out and the fact that had they not known they were going to offer it now should have been known a heck of a lot sooner is a huge frustration.

Since this is my last child to enter high school there have been times when classes were not offered but the school district my other four attended never handled it in such a late, slipshod manner.

Secondly, she's supposed to get her schedule this week, and the counselor won't have time to discuss this news that she dropped on me this morning via a phone call until Friday. Which really makes going through the whole schedule pick up this week stupid and pointless.

She received her schedule by mail just a few weeks ago - so if there were going to be changes made? It should have been done before now and there should not be any additional last minute changes like this. While I do appreciate being told before we go pick up her schedule, it demonstrates to me that customer service is not even remotely happening...


kateb said...

I found customer service to be atrocious in TPS. Many of the problems we encountered could have been easily solved by the staff if they had been inclined to be of assistance.

They're not inclined to help and the attitude you get is akin to what you'd encounter from truck drivers when you try to cross their picket line.

That's exactly what forced about 25 kids in my neighborhood into private schools. It's sad really...because if this is how they treat adults - what kind of experience are children having with them?

Robin said...

I guess it's who you have to deal with within the school. There have been times when the school has been really good with assisting us with our needs and then there have been other times when it would have been easier for me to walk to the moon.

I hope your daughter got her scheduling straightened out.