Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan begins in the US...and my house...

No, I have not converted, I am still a Roman Catholic but one of my daughters is more interested in Islam and my youngest, never being one to be left out of anything is also practicing Ramadan this year which in the US began today. I have to admit the first day of Ramadan was profitable for me, because to take her mind off of not being able to eat or drink anything until sunset (8:24 pm - yes they knew on the dot) she decided to clean. My kitchen is now spotless and totally re-organized.

Ramadan also takes the topic of diets and diet pills one that's not discussed at all. What's being discussed is will the youngest make it, how many days before she breaks and decides that type of fasting is not for her. She kept opening the fridge and looking today, considering it's only day one? I'm not sure she'll make it until September 19th...

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khany said...

hello Lisa,

i always find that it gets easier after one survives the first few days, specially as we draw closer to winter and days begin to grow shorter.

the real challenge is mental and not physical. and after managing the first few days one feels empowered by the realization that they have overcome a challenge they would have thought rather impossible.

also, the first few fasts are testing because one struggles to control the natural instinct to reach for food and drink every time it passes through one's sight. as the month progresses suppressing hunger becomes second nature and one can begin to shift their awareness towards more spiritual aspects of fasting.