Monday, February 02, 2009

I won the E-Lottery! Whippee!

I realize that the reasons why asshats like this still send out these emails is because there are people stupid enough to believe they've won something. That also don't seem to grasp that normally when you win a lottery? You don't have to pay anything to collect. I'm in an evil enough mood to have some fun...

Here's the email:

This is to inform you that, you have been selected as one of our winner in this year
online E-lottery.that held last month January 2009. Cash on file: 250,000.00 GBP
for more information please contact the claims manager for full details.

Dr Christopher Logan
Mrs.Randall Smith(Online National Sweepstakes)


Jason said...

time to cash in. They probably just need your social security number for verification. :-)

Sean said...

And here I thought I was special. LOL I received the exact same thing. Usually I like to have fun with spammers. Sometimes I will go to their email providers website & cancel their email account. Or if it is through some sort of pay per click service, I will unsubcribe them. Another good one is to collect all the spammers email addresses & put them in the other spammers area where it asks for your email address.

Francois said...

Those are good ideas Sean. I also got this e-mail. I replied to it this morning using a new Yahoo mail account created just for this occasion. Unfortunatly, I have not received any reply telling me how much money I won and how to claim my prize.