Friday, February 06, 2009

DTV or no DTV that is the question...

So, the House changes their minds and they vote to delay the digitial transition until June 12th, which ends up meaning basically zilch because tv stations can switch in February anyway. Which doesn't address the coupon or the money aspect of that which was supposedly the problem.

Which all was created because the federal government wanted to make money by selling the analog frequencies to cell phone providers and they don't care if millions of Americans have no access to public television or the Emergency Broacast system. Which means that whole "in case of an emergency please tune to" is not a valid system. Imagine if tomorrow all radio stations had to be satellite and the only way you could hear a radio station was to have to buy a new car radio.

That's probably next, and this will force people into either buying new tv's with digital tuners which will add to our growing landfills as we through away perfectly good televisions, or be faced with crappy converters that don't provide as good of a picture as was out there before even with the new "digital" or you'll be forced to get cable or satellite tv, and if you live in a rural area? Sorry about your luck...

I still haven't heard on my "appeal" on the whole expired coupon deal, perhaps by the time they finally figure that one out, they'll have more money for coupons.


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Robin said...

Do cell phone providers have any use for the analog signal? I thought most cell phones were digital now days.