Saturday, January 24, 2009

The story of the juicer diet...

I love my husband (well most times) and I love my children (most times) but at times the interesting side dramas and how it creates more work for me can be either the source of frustration or I can decide it can be a source of humor. The juicer diet is one of those stories where the choice is up to me and I've opted to laugh rather than to throw things at them.

My fourth oldest daughter decided she wanted to go on this juicer diet and she was going to go on it with my husband. This is after several different types of diets and a diet pill or two. This of course first required that a juicer must be purchased, because how could one juice without a juicer? Of course someone else might wonder if there were not other alternatives that did not require a over $50.00 juicer but that person would be scorned as "a person of no faith in the power of juicing."

The previously mentioned person of no faith in the power of juicing (PONFITPOJ) (you can guess who that is) noticed that the daughter dropped out of the juicing diet rather quickly, in addition to discovering how much fruit and vegetables were required to make a small amount of juice. Not to mention how messy the whole juicer process was and despite the claims that the left over pulp could be used for breads and muffins...As the PONFITPOJ pointed out, the two dieters couldn't eat that stuff anyway as it was not on the juicer diet plan.

Now of course the juicer has sat there for 7 days without being used, though it is a pretty countertop decoration. The daughter has dropped the diet and the husband is trying to stick to a diet but is not using the juicer, he is instead actually eating the fruits and veggies which appears to not only be more filling but makes less of a mess for the PONFITPOJ to clean up.

This of course leads us to the moral of the story, the actual adventure was juicer than their diet...


Cyberseaer said...

I'm happy to hear that dieting is happening in your house. Fruits and Veggies are good but a small potion of lean meats (that EVIL word) works good on diets as well. I have been told by a nutionists that the leaner the meat the more calories the body uses to burn. Pleanty of water is good as well. If the body is completey hydrated than the body works more effiently and burns more calories. It takes two weeks for the body to get use to the extra water. Until then, be prepared to pee a few extra times a day. I use that Crystal Light one serving drink mix, becasue drinking nothing but water after a while just sucks. No beer, wine, etc. The weight gets lost quicker without those things.

And, the biggie, more excercise. The weight will come off more quickly, but then the challange is to keep the weight off. All this info came from my nutionist. The tough part is trying to be healty with a house full of people who don't eat as good. Plus the job thing gets in the way.

Yeah, I'm commenting on the less than heavy topics, since I don't want to be told that I'm too old and know nothing from the young and inexperienced. ;)

Robin said...

Those commercials sure are convincing, though. If I had any room on my counter top, I'd be almost tempted to buy a juicer.