Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What will Caroline Kennedy bring besides her name?

That appears to be the question of the day. Let's face facts, she has no experience in any elected position. If she were not a Kennedy she would not even be considered for this spot above many other much more qualified candidates. Yet for some reason, Harry Reid has endorsed her selection.

I wanted to see a woman appointed to replace Hillary Clinton, so I suppose at least it's a female Kennedy, but I'm disappointed that it appears it is money and the name over experience and the people. Ben Keeler raises some valid points in his post on The Point on this topic.

I also recommend reading Who Plays...Who Pays and New York Magazine has an article.

Then there is this reaction:
"What are we, chopped liver?" asked Rep. Jose Serrano, a Bronx congressman who is not vying for the seat but is sympathetic to his fellow lawmakers who are being eclipsed by Kennedy.

"They think, 'My god, a Kennedy, how do I look like I'm not happy about a Kennedy?'" he said. "It's not logical, there's a lot of emotion in this, emotion about the good ol' days and the Kennedys and Camelot."

Back on December 7th, Thanks but no thanks was penned on Firedoglake. Today we learn even more reasons to say "no thanks" in how it started:
She told me she was interested in the position," Mr. Paterson said at a news conference outside Albany on Monday. He added, "She'd like at some point to sit down and tell me what she thinks her qualifications are."

I haven't become an anti-Liberman, OMG Lamont was robbed person, but I think it is telling that she'd hire Isay as opposed to actually worrying about sharing what she thinks her qualifications are.

It should be more than about the packaging, but apparently we already know it's not...


Jason R. said...

Lisa Renee- How do you think the left is going to deal with her "candidacy" in light of their obsession with trying to minimize the substantial record of Sarah Palin? I've been thinking about that a lot today.

Lisa Renee said...

It won't matter Jason, it already doesn't matter the typical double standard will come into play.

Some are already using the argument that Kennedy meets the minimum requirements for a Senator.

Cyberseaer said...

Great, she meets the minimun requirements. That's what the Senate needs, more famous medicore people to follow what the party heads tell them what to do. This is a last ditch effort for the Kennedys to try and get some political power back. Teddy is on his way out and most of the younger members of the Kennedy clan and spoiled undisplined boobs. Then there are those young Kennedys who want to live normal lives and leave those who want fame to let them have a chance of getting shot in the head.

The sad part is, that if she runs, the dumb liberal New York lemmings will vote her in. No wonder New York politics is messed up and why Chuck Schumer still has a political job.