Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why not pick a Misogynist for Treasury Secretary...

I thought the rumor that Obama was considering John Kerry as his Secretary of State was enough of an "OMG are you kidding me moment", but? I was wrong. Now it's being suggested that President-Elect Obama is considering Larry Summer for the position of Treasury Secretary. Even for those of you who accept Summer's apology for his comments that led to his leaving Harvard, and do not think that New Agenda or NOW is correct, there are other controversies that Summer has been involved in.

Wiki has some of the controversies that are sourced, as well as some that are not sourced.

It's really going to be hard to be hopeful if these are the kinds of decisions that are being made. It's also interesting that the media is now focusing on really important issues like what type of dog is going to be the "first dog".

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