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Now this meets my definition of irony, here on this blog I am often taken to task as well as at times attacked for not supporting Obama and not being "liberal enough." Yet in the letter of opinion pages of my daily local newspaper, it's stated that by mere virtue of the name of this blog, that:
Ms. Ward states this effort to register the homeless is 100 percent nonpartisan. Yet she writes a blog called the Liberal Common Sense and the Glass City Jungle. I cannot help but feel that there would be some heavy liberal influence put on the homeless to vote a certain way.

In a similar registration drive in Ohio by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, an investigation is under way into voter-registration fraud in assisting the low income and homeless in registering to vote.

I don't think I've ever been compared to ACORN...I am pretty certain that despite the mention of Liberal Common Sense that the gentleman has never visited here.



The News Writer said...

Don't you know that what you name things, what you write about, says exactly who you are and what you think and feel about everything? Just ask Gwen Ifill about “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama,” because obviously that means she is biased for Obama. The GOP's senate fundraising committee knows. Orrin Hatch of the NRSC just sent out a letter asking for $7 because Sarah Palin is being "set up" by Ifill, who is "in the tank" for Biden. I guess those who have written about the rise of Germany's Third Reich are fascists, while those who've written about Britain's royal family are monarchists.

Irony indeed. The leap in logic is stunning -- because you write a blog called Liberal Common Sense, an effort to register the homeless to vote that you support means "that there would be some heavy liberal influence put on the homeless to vote a certain way." OMG, you must be telling homeless people who to vote for!


Lisa Renee said...

The whole Ifill thing is a campaign strategy that could backfire. Let's say Palin does well, it could then be said it was because Ifill was concerned about the bias. If Palin does not do well, it will be said it was because of the bias.

There are journalists out there that are "in the tank" just as there are bloggers that are. Yet there are some that still do their job and can set their personal preferences aside. Even if I was an Obama supporter I'd still want people to make up their own minds. The presidential debate bunch and even John McCain himself stated that Ifill would do a fair job, but it doesn't surprise me that the NRSC would use this as a fundraising prod.

Both sides have done that rather well too.

Unfortunately there are some groups out there that are pushing the homeless to vote for Obama and don't care if they are informed or not. Just as those who are using their media positions to support one candidate over another, those who are using the homeless give those of us who actually try to do the right way a harder time...

It's been a long time since the name of this blog was an issue, I remember years ago some of the conservatives I'm friends with would not link it because of the name - lol. Your bringing up Ifill is a great example, its another scenario where there is an assumption based on action but speculation.

Lisa Renee said...

sorry that should be "not based on action but speculation"

At times I wish blogger would let you edit comments.


The News Writer said...

I know. I wish it would too.

McCain's last thing was that he wished they hadn't agreed to Ifill.

I'm convinced the whole country has jumped the shark these days. I'm just stunned by a lot of what I'm hearing, both on the record and off.

But a lot of it has to do, I think, with folks not wanting to do a lot of thinking -- it's much easier to assume that because your blog has the "L" word in it (and I don't mean lesbian) and you back a program to register the homeless to vote, and some groups doing that are pushing their registerees to vote for Obama, then you must too.

I'm really worried about us these days.