Monday, October 13, 2008

Hate and Hypocrisy

Two words come to mind when I think about the current state of our nation, our media and this presidential election. Hate and Hypocrisy.

If it's wrong for a rabid McCain supporter (or a rabid plant pretending to be a McCain supporter) to yell "Kill him" then it should be wrong for a rabid Obama supporter (or a rabid plant pretending to be an Obama supporter) to yell Let's stone her directed at Palin.

The fact that the media is reporting the boo's at a stupid hockey game instead of that comment which is buried in the article, should bother people. But it doesn't, I've actually read people excuse using the word "cunt" directed at Palin because they claim John McCain called his wife that. Even if that were true, we are back to the hypocrisy factor, if you believe it's wrong to call someone that, which I do, then don't do it yourself. Since pigs have become such a huge part of this campaign, there is another old saying, if you lie down with pigs, all you ever get is dirty.

Some of you out there? Are going to need more than a shower to get your souls clean after this election is over...From both parties...


The News Writer said...

Nice, LisaRenee. Short and sweet and says exactly what it should.

Jason R. said...

Good points Lisa Renee. There is enough negativity to go around I'd say.

My wife and I went to a Palin rally in St. Clairsville this weekend and there wasn't anyone yelling things like that.

Scott G said...

I think they are all wrong and that is why I haven't been too interested in this election. I am for Obama, but I have stopped following it all.

My only fear with the linkage of Obama with terrorists is that many of the people who will be inspired by it are the same who thought it was alright to attack people who looked Arab or Muslim after 9/11.

If they were attacking Biden this way, it would not be so bad. It would still be wrong, but not as bad. No one is going to call Biden a Muslim or Arab

Robin said...

I don't like the nastiness from either side.

Kvatch said...

Well said.

This was the exact point that I was trying to make during the primaries, without much success I'm afraid. Fortunately, the two Democratic camps seem to have, for the most part, reconciled.