Monday, October 13, 2008

ABC Headline, "Palin's Baby Daddy Drops Out of School"

Seriously, I'm not making it up, that is the headline for what is supposed to be a news story. It's on the ABC News site, not some Entertainment Tonight type show and we wonder why people don't have any faith or place credibility in our news anymore.

First to consider this a news story is debatable but sheesh people what's next? YO Hommies! It's the Newzzzzz!


The News Writer said...

OMG. Have they become TMZ?

Lisa Renee said...

Yo! Whatz up newzie!!!


I think they have become the new TMZ.


The News Writer said...

Sometimes I'm just so embarrassed for my colleagues.

Other than that, though, all is well. But I think I've stayed up too late.

m0sthat3d said...

Thank you for posting this. I was browsing and came across it.

I'm part of a forum where everything that has to do with the election turns into a race issue. Someone posted the article about Michelle Obama being called a baby mama & all the obama supporters FREAKED out saying it was racist and yadayadayada.

When I posted this picture, I didn't say why I was posting, I just asked for everyones input, not one person brought up the "baby daddy" term, all I got out of it was, it makes teenage pregnancy look bad, who cares that he dropped out, etcetcetc.

This was PERFECT to prove the point of race being a huge issue in the election.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm glad I could help.