Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sen. Hollis French admits he said things he shouldn't have

It's hard to not make things partisan, evidently too hard for Democrat Hollis French, and now? There are calls for him to step down:
Coghill, from North Pole, is on the Alaska Legislature's Legislative Council, the body that appointed French to oversee the investigation. The letter was sent to the council chairman, Sen. Kim Elton, D-Juneau, whom Coghill asks to convene a meeting to discuss whether French should be replaced.

Coghill said the council instructed French, an Anchorage Democrat, to keep politics out of the investigation.

"He just failed that, in my view," Coghill told The Associated Press Saturday.

Coghill wrote in the letter that French was quoted in media reports that the results of the probe were going to be an "October surprise" that is "likely to be damaging to the administration." The comments lead Coghill to believe the investigation is lacking in fairness, neutrality and due process, he wrote.

French said he said some things he probably shouldn't have, but noted that he is not in charge of gathering the facts and writing the report. Prosecutor Stephen Branchflower was hired to conduct the investigation and the integrity of the probe remains intact, he said.

Which means if you read between the lines, French doesn't have a clue as to what the investigation will find, but he wanted to grab his 15 minutes of fame with all of the attention on Alaska...

As an aside, when I headed up to the Anchorage Daily News to see if they were reporting on this (which they weren't yet) I saw this picture. It made me think of the comments made about how Palin's children were not genuine...Looks pretty genuine to me.

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