Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's a fight to the death!

Well, apparently it is to some, Locked in a political death match with 52 days to live, the presidential campaigns went nuclear on what looked to be a quiet Saturday, with stumping curtailed because of Hurricane Ike's catastrophic overnight hit on Houston.

Then some advice, that similar to what Mark Penn stated? Clarence Page will be ignored too. Or worse...called bitter for pointing out that Obama is not winning over hearts anymore.

Issues? Well not everyone is convinced that Obamanomics will work and some feel that the continued Great Depression comparisons are skewing public opinion. Then there are those who dare to ask the question, how much will this all cost if Obama is elected and gets Congress to agree with him, but Greenspan says we can't afford McCain's tax cuts, no mention of Obama's...For that you have to go here.

While all of this is happening, McCain is stated to be up by 20 with of course the ever present Abortion will end if John McCain is elected. Which anyone who watched Whoopi make her slave comment? Could hear what McCain stated...but the fear factor worked for Republicans so it's the Democrats turn to see if they can make it work for them. It's why you hear more reasons why you should not vote for John McCain than why you should vote for Obama. That said, it's being pointed out that Obama is more optimistic than McCain is.

Focusing on the media by some is still happening, such as this scathing look at some of the media and what the end result has been. Though the media is angry and apparently many are bitter since the topic of the mistake Obama made in not picking Hillary has been repeated:
"Obama sacrificed a stronger ticket by rejecting Clinton. Absent Hillary, the contest between Obama-Biden and the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin is throwing the Democrats into disarray. The consequences of Obama's veep decision appear mostly to favor McCain. And if Obama had picked Hillary? Here are a few of the differences.

"No Palin. Okay, McCain might have picked her anyway. He was looking for a running mate who would help him shake up the campaign. And Palin has delivered spectacularly on that. But choosing her would have seemed far less of a game-changer had Obama picked Clinton. Palin would have been merely the second female running mate in 2008. And her appeal to those who had voted for Clinton in the primaries would have been reduced if not nullified altogether . . .

" Ohio and Pennsylvania. Republicans figured these states, notably Pennsylvania, were all but goners if Clinton won the Democratic nomination. Even as veep, she'd have had a favorable impact. When she was passed over by Obama, Republicans jumped for joy. Ohio, which a Republican presidential candidate has to win, now leans McCain. Pennsylvania, which is crucial to a Democratic candidate's chances, has become a ripe target of opportunity for McCain.

Some have suggested Whoopi's question to John McCain about if he won would she become a slave again was one of the stupidest statements yet. I'm not sure about that anymore, I think this one might be the topper, directed at Palin:
"Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman."

Though it'd be hard to pick anymore there have been so many gaffes out there it's hard to keep track...


Jason R. said...

Interesting electoral map. We know McCain is up in Florida and Ohio too.

Cyberseaer said...

I must say, after seeing that little part of The View, I would say that Whoopi was going for a joke instead of a real political question. Just look at her reaction after McCain answered her. She is a smart person and wouldn't have been so dumb. They leave those questions to Elizabeth Hasslebeck (a know nothing that was eye candy for a Survivor season and married a decent NFL quarterback to get some type of TV gig and makes conservatives wish she was a liberal).