Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is it too early to start thinking roller coasters and water parks?

Living here in NWO we are lucky to have some places where we can go for water park and roller coaster fun. Since we did not get to make the whole family trip out to the East Coast this year, and the summer season is pretty much almost over, when I started looking at some of the New Jersey water parks it looked like that might be a fun thing to plan on the way back from New London next year. As long as there are no more bear versus car encounters...

Since I know a few of you who read here, live in or not far from New Jersey, there would be plenty of time to be able to see if you have taken a family beach vacation like the ones offered on Morey's Piers. Some of the hotels look almost as if they could belong in the Bahamas and it looks like Morey's Piers would be a great place for a New Jersey vacation.

I'm personally more of a roller coaster person and with the three different amusement parks all in one area, it looks like Adventure Pier would be the one that would most appeal to me. I really enjoyed the interactive tour feature that the website had. I could spend quite a bit of time at the website checking out all of the different options, and I got a chance to see more about the "Great White" roller coaster, that one looks like it would be a must. Another plus? You can turn the music off on the website which I appreciate.

The pricing was reasonable as well, especially when compared to some of the similar theme or water parks out here.

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