Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another Obama promise broken...

Remember this:
Obama told reporters that "people's families are off limits, and people's children are especially off limits." He said it has no bearing on Palin's performance as governor of Alaska or what kind of vice president she would be. Obama denied anyone in his campaign was responsible for spreading rumors about Palin, and added that anyone caught doing so would be fired.

He didn't mean it at least not so far...

I already knew that there were staffers who were involved on email lists that not only did not point out what Obama said but helped suggest smear lines of attack on Obama but this one is public and a bit harder to pretend isn't happening.

Obama didn't say he would demand a "well written apology" he said he'd fire the person...Which goes to show? You should not promise something that you can't keep. When people wonder why I have such a hard time supporting Obama, watching the hatred from people I used to respect, watching them engage in the same type of smears that they railed against when it was done to Obama not even counting what happened to Clinton...makes you realize that you either have to take a moral stand or become one of them...All that keeps happening is I keep discovering more reasons why I can't vote for Obama.

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Alex said...

The similarities between what is occurring here and what happened during the primaries are many. Obama attempted to take the "high road," thus avoiding discourses about racism allegedly animating the Clinton campaign, and was praised for doing so: A "new kind of politics." However, his staffers, behind the scenes - email campaigns, etc. - were "papering" with lists of statements from the Clinton campaign that were said to have latent racist messages, especially, they argued, statements by President Clinton.