Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some can't afford to leave New Orleans...and we so how low it gets

Shades of Katrina, many report that they can't afford to leave, as CNN reports and others report the traffic jams have already started.

Well, until you watch the video traffic is moving.

As usual, the love that others feel for their fellow man is exhibited on the blogosphere. While some republican commenters hoped it would rain when Obama gave his speech in Denver, evidently not to be outdone, some were wishing for the Hurricane to come so it would interrupt the Republican National Convention.

There are some great (not) people out there:

Will Hurricane Gustav crash the Republican convention? We can only Hope!

We hate the GOP. We hate what they stand for. They stand for oil. We hope a Cat4 Hurricane wipes out all the oil platforms.

Maybe God is mad at the Republicans for using His name in vain, and has sent a hurricane as punishment?

Yeah, because only Republicans were killed during the last hurricane...People that make comments like that are just as ignorant as the one asshat who likes to harass me on my local blog that suggested my husband's recent car accident was karma.

When you wonder about why our country is in the shape that it is? Perhaps more attention should be turned to people like that, ones so full of hatred that they would make comments like that and not be roundly chastised by others who see their comments. Yes, that goes for Moore too.

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Scott G said...

There are a lot of wankers out there. Many of them have no place in politics or a civil society because they are the same on both sides of the political spectrum and their default setting is angry and inflammatory