Friday, August 29, 2008

Bill Richardson wants you to remember his campaign debt...

This just in via email:

Dear Lisa Renee,

At this historic Democratic National Convention, so many of our Party's great leaders--Sen. Edward Kennedy, Sen. Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore, among many more--have made the undeniable case for change.

Last night I had the chance to add my voice. I had the great honor to speak at Invesco Field on the last evening of the convention

I spoke of how, in my lifetime of diplomacy and governing, our country has never faced as many difficult challenges as we do today. A sinking economy. Two wars. An energy crisis.

And I spoke of the choice between John McCain and Barack Obama.

John McCain wants to keep us in Iraq for 100 years. He wants to give even more tax breaks to oil companies. He wants to continue every failed policy of George Bush for four more years.

After my speech, I joined that spirited crowd of almost 80,000 and watched Barack Obama accept our nomination to be our next President.

He spoke of the defining moment we, as a nation and a people, face...the chance we have in this election to keep the American promise alive.

Barack Obama has the vision of change this nation needs. And in Joe Biden, he has found a true partner and ally who shares his vision.

The choice is clear. For the hope we need . . . for the change we need . . . for the leadership we need . . . we must elect Barack Obama as President.

Now we have just over 60 days to show each and every American that they have a choice. To make our nation safe, strong, and respected. To live the American dream once more.

I promise I will continue to work by Barack Obama's side and do all I can to elect him this fall. And I promise to remain a steady voice for diplomacy, for reason, and for respect in our relations around the world.

Finally, I promise to share this journey with you. Together, we will elect Barack Obama and choose a new America.

You'll be hearing from me again soon.


Bill Richardson
Governor of New Mexico

PS - If you haven't already made a contribution to help retire my campaign debt, I'd appreciate it if you could send $10 or $25 now. Please go to and contribute today. Thank you.

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