Sunday, August 10, 2008

Of cats and cat trees...

Once upon a time my cats were younger and they were a much friskier bunch, running here, running there and climbing anything that they could possibly climb. I started looking at cat trees and bought them this huge multi-storied cat tree that had a house on the top section of it. The carpet was sculptured to look like grass and they spent many an hour playing "king of the mountain" with the house on top.

As they got older, it became less of an interesting thing for them, and it was used less and less and just became this big "thing" in my living room corner. So, I donated it to someone I knew was fostering kittens for a local animal shelter. We often think about donating baby items or other things that our children outgrow, but if you've outgrown that animal crate or any other large animal item like a cat tree, before you throw it out? Think about seeing if any of the local animal organizations might be able to use it.

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