Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush demands immediate cease-fire - Russia doesn't listen

Now what? Bush also demanded an immediate cease-fire and the return of troops to the borders that were recognized last week before hostilities erupted.

So did it work? Does not appear to have worked and Bush did not threaten Russia with any specific actions or sanctions if it failed to listen. Since of course the presidential candidates had to weigh in, what did they say?
McCain called for a strong response by the United States and its allies, including an emergency meeting of NATO's North Atlantic Council to "demand a cease-fire and begin discussions on both the deployment of an international peacekeeping force to South Ossetia and the implications for NATO's future relationship with Russia." Washington and its allies also should defy Russian veto threats and "continue efforts to bring a resolution before the U.N. Security Council condemning Russian aggression, noting the withdrawal of Georgian troops from South Ossetia, and calling for an immediate cease-fire and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgian territory," he said.

Obama (Ill.), who is vacationing with his family in Hawaii before the Democratic Party's nominating convention later this month, said late this afternoon that "the Georgian government has proposed a cease-fire and the Russian government should accept it." He said that while a return of forces to their position of a week ago is "a necessary first step to resolving the crisis, we cannot tolerate the unacceptable status quo that led to this escalation. That means Russian peacekeeping troops should be replaced by a genuine international peacekeeping force, Georgia should refrain from using force in South Ossetia and Abkhazia and a political settlement must be reached that addresses the status of these disputed regions."

CNN doesn't provide any candidate reaction but does confirm that the US is sending humanitarian aid to Georgia and is trying to get the 2,000 Georgian troops in Iraq home...Interestingly enough, after this was posted? Georgia crisis tests presidential candidates is now on the CNN website.

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