Monday, August 18, 2008

I'd love to see this outside of my window...

Sometimes when you look at a product, you start thinking about how something similar could be used for your own home. When I saw the spa scene covers in looking at spa accessories I thought about how I hate looking out the back window at the cover that's on our small pool that we have in the backyard. I could imagine how placing that type of a heavy duty re-enforced outdoor vinyl decal application would look for those of us who don't want to look at the top part of a cover.

This particular product was designed to be placed on the inside of a spa cover, so that while you are sitting there enjoying your hot tub moments, you don't have to look at the underside of the cover unit. They have a variety of design choices, from tropical scenes to waterfalls, but my personal favorite was the pink one. While the spa scenes are made for any lift arm systems where the cover hangs behind the spa, who knows perhaps in the future this type of an application could be used for the exterior cover of not just spas but swimming pools. Until then? If you are one of those out there with that type of a hot tub unit, this would definitely add a decorative enhancement to your spa area.

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