Monday, August 18, 2008

Georgian government realized that war was inevitable

Personally I think the situation between Russia and Georgia shows that the various foreign diplomacy/organizations such as NATO and the UN don't work. This point is driven home when you read Newsweek's As Russian troops divide Georgia, tales of civilian hardship spread, especially this part:
The spokesman for Georgia's ministry of internal affairs, Shota Utiashvili, said: "Already in May we realized that the Russians began to build a railroad in Abkhazia and that the Russian army slowly and steadily will be moving towards our borders, and then to Tbilisi. We had a choice, either to capitulate and not use artillery, or fight and then capitulate." The Georgians chose to fight, he said.

Utiashvili explained that the tension was growing between the two states for two years, and that in May the Georgian government realized that war was inevitable.

While here in the US, the focus is on things like cyber warfare and how what happened to Georgia could happen here, very few have focused on what could have been done to prevent what happened between Russia and Georgia.

We could of course blame the leadership of this country, but we should also be asking, where was NATO? Where was the G8 and where was the UN? The sad reality is nations like Russia (and our own) know no one will do anything to stop them.

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