Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sigh...Do Democrats even care about honesty?

Yes, this will probably be a rant, I'm growing increasingly tired of members of my own party twisting the truth and using false statements in campaign ads. Before you say "Well, Republicans do it too"...SO what! Are we supposed to be better than them or merely nothing different other than the justifications used to sell it...

We are proving that the only way for candidates to win is to lie, that if they are honest and they tell us what we don't want to hear? They can't win. No matter how much you hate the war in Iraq, the reality is there will be an American presence there for years to come no matter who is elected this November. Our own Democratic Congress members voted for the war and they continue to fund the war, until that changes no matter who is president? It's not going to stop. It could cost much less as troop numbers go down, but anyone that tells you that they are going to bring all of the troops home, there will be no US presence in Iraq and that it will be done during the term of the next presidency? Is lying to you...

The most recent story is related to what Chris Cizzilla shared on his blog about the new Moveon Ad only the seriously misinformed believe that John McCain stated that he wants American troops to risk their lives in Iraq or be in war for another 100 years. The truth of what McCain really said has been repeated time and time again, even by newspapers like the New York Times and dislike McCain as much as you want, he is right about this statement:
"No American argues against our military presence in Korea or Japan or Germany or Kuwait or other places, or Turkey, because America is not receiving casualties."

It's as stupid as blaming the President for the economy or a presidential candidate claiming he can fix the economy. They can't...Though it's a huge myth.

Though both spend quite a bit of time debating who's plan is worse

Which goes back to...We don't want presidential candidates to be honest with us.

Well...some of us do, we're the ones who end up ranting about it and hoping for the day when people will actually take some responsibility in being informed at least on the basics and when political parties/political action groups will realize that for those of us who know better, who realize that campaigns are inherently exercises in propaganda and posturing. It turns us off not on when you do this...


Roland Hansen said...

Ah, so.
Welcome to the wide wonferful world of frustration in the realm of politics.
Careful what you say or write; else you may be called a loose cannon.
After all, are we not expected to go along to get along?

Scott G said...

I don't believe that Senator McCain wants our troops in combat for 100 years, but I also don't buy the comparisons between Iraq and Japan, Germany, and Korea.

When I was in the Army, we often referred to the troops in Korea as speed bumps because they were there to slow down the North Korean troops in the event of an attack long enough to get troops from other stations on the ground.

Japan and Germany were aggressors.

Scott G said...

And no we do not want our politicians to be honest. We want them to say how everything is going to be great. Didn't President Carter say that we were partially responsible for the energy crisis in the 70s and were wasteful? How did that turn out for him in the election?