Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More missing feet than you might think....

The story that's gotten to the point where some have posted online how to create "fake feet" gets some attention from the writers at Newsweek with the latest speculation ranging from a serial killer that somehow only wants the right feet found to someone having access to dead bodies wanting to create news:
"This is some freak who has access to dead bodies, like a mortician or [embalmer] and the fact that those bodies are already dead and accounted for nobody would find a DNA match," wrote another commenter on the Sun's website. "Time for the RCMP to spy on morticians with boats." And another: "Maybe it is a prank being done by anyone that works with cadavers. Some university students having a good laugh."

Considering how rare it is for feet to wash ashore, especially in a similar location, maybe this is true:
"I think it's a coincidence, absolutely. There's a multitude of sources in this oceanic environment region," says Richard Thomson, a physical oceanographer with the federal Institute of Ocean Sciences on Vancouver Island. "There's not a mystery to be solved." Thomson also offers a straightforward explanation for why all the feet are from the same side of the body, suggesting that right feet may be more firmly lodged in their shoes: "Since we're mostly right-handed, we tie up sneakers stronger on the right foot; the foot we kick with, push off with."

Is finding feet on a shore a regular occurence? Maybe....I think this recent suggestion might prove to be a valid one:
If they can determine length of time that the feet have ceased being alive, my guess is what you are looking at are the remains of the tsunami victims from a few years back that took place the day after Christmas. It would take quite a bit of time for the body, and bones to pull away from the foot, and decompose to this point, however encasement in a sneaker would prevent that portion from decomposition, thus the foot is preserved.

Eight feet had been reportedly found since 2004 that's in addition to the five found in B.C.

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