Tuesday, June 24, 2008

*Gasp* a Blade editorial less than complimentary on Obama?

I actually had to read this editorial, Too much 'senior-itis' twice...I don't disagree with the points made, after all if it is really about a new perspective and change then this is a valid question, it was just surprising to see them state something that was not complimentary about a decision made by Barack Obama:
When Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992 at age 46, there was thought that he might bring youth and vigor to his administration through his cabinet choices. Instead, he chose Mr. Christopher to lead the State Department. He had not been effective as deputy secretary in the Carter years and, under Mr. Clinton, his performance was mediocre in the top foreign affairs slot. In late 2000, Mr. Christopher added to his undistinguished record by representing Vice President Al Gore unsuccessfully in the legal dogfight in Florida for the presidency, recently dramatized in the HBO film Recount.

So here is Mr. Christopher again, at 82, on Mr. Obama's foreign policy advisory group. Whatever for?

Well-worn tires such as the majority of those in the Senior Working Group are not going to put forward the fresh, crisp policies that this nation will need.

Maybe, just maybe there is hope left for the Blade, at least from an editorial standpoint.

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