Saturday, June 21, 2008

More cutting through the campaign bs...on flooding

CNN does a nice job in trying to cover which presidential candidate really did what on the issue of flooding and the pandering that's happening rather than do anything that will help. As opposed to the yahoo version which only shares one side of the story, they cut parts of the full AP version of the story out.

What's really interesting is that since the huge flood in 1993 it's been known what some of the problems were, and those in government state & federal, have spent more time arguing about it than doing much. What should have been made priorities wasn't and this has turned into a pork item for both sides, though the reality is studies weren't done and it's almost impossible to avoid some of the flooding.

Some older articles of interest on this topic, Money Flowed to Questionable Projects

If you really wonder who's to blame? this might help you figure it out. Realizing that what is or isn't pork depends on who's plate it's on.

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