Saturday, June 21, 2008

I wondered...what do my NJ friends think about this...

I know several of you who visit here live in New Jersey, so when I saw the sub-headline of this Washington Post article, Corzine Knows He Risks Losing Election I couldn't help but wonder how accurate you think this particular article was.

At times your own personal impressions and experiences aren't the same as the way the media is reporting something. Yet all we know in other parts of the country is how the media reports it...

Something I found just a bit ironic was the article focused on the budget problems that New Jersey is experiencing, yet it also stated, emphasis mine:

"Our finances in this state are out of kilter," he said at one stop, a meeting of county officials in the ballroom of a resort hotel. "We can no longer go on spending more than we take in."

Granted no additional details were provided, but that seems to fit part of the impression that not many electeds are joining him in focusing on cost cutting.

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Cyberseaer said...

Being one of your NJ friends, I say that Corizine is a political boob. I am glad to see that the Post did mention that he spent over a $100 million to his two campaigns and didn't break a sweat. Now I ask you all, a person who spends that much money without worry who claims to be a Democrat, how in the hell does he relate to a wroking stiff like me? I must add that he abandon his Senate seat to run for governor when McGrevy stepped down because he got caught with his boyfriend. (NJ haqs crappy Democratic governors in the last 25 years when they get elected) This showed me that Corzine was a political power seeker and I was surprised that he didn't try a run for the White House and leave NJ in the lurk again.

He used his political power to bully the state senate to pass his one percent sales tax hike by shutting down the government. My wife is a state employee and that decision didn't win any points in my household. Corzine agreed to let the state employees get paid for that week, but it put undo stress in our household, since I was only part time then. I wrote to the NJ governor to let him know that I didn't care if he led NJ into a golden age and that we became billionares because of him, I would never vote for him (or any NJ Democrat) due to his power play.

Then he decides that he was too good for NJ state law and told his driver to speed down the NJ highways and doesn't wear a seatbelt. If he didn't get in that accident, would he still be running shitgun speeding down the NJ roads without a seatbelt? Most likely.

Now he says that NJ has money problems? Well, duh? NJ's political arena is most likely the most corupt in the nation. I'm surprised that we are only 32+ billion dollars in debt. If he had any balls, he would do what he wanted to do and get this state out of debt. But since too many of us whine about it, he backed down. There is no way this fool gets re-elected.

By the way, he won in one of the most dirtest races in recent history and he had the gall to say that his opponent was running a sewer campaign.