Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Looking at online advertising?

I've looked at the various different types of advertising out there online both from a publisher and from an advertiser's standpoint. The online marketing industry has grown over the past few years especially with the emergence of blogging. Many popular bloggers have discovered it is possible to earn money through online advertising done through banner placement. It's something I've seriously considered for my other blog with the way it has grown which is why I've done research on this topic.

Website owners especially have learned that it's possible to earn income or to promote their products through companies like the Clickbooth Advertising Network, because of their proven five year record of performance. Since they have been doing this for several years they have established more than professional staff/customer service, they've developed a stringent process to insure quality publishers and advertisers needs are matched.

Clickbooth states their goal is to provide a "one stop shop" experience and when you visit their website, read about them, their facts and the services they provide; it's easy to see why they make that as a statement. They focus on providing the best ROI (Return on Investment) are based on a performance basis so you pay for the results you get.


Collin Williams said...

That's a good tip. I'll look into that... there are literally thousands of sites dedicated on how to monetize your blog. But there is a lot of repeat information too... some people can make a lot of money with ads and stuff. Appreciate the tip... dig the blog.


berto said...

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