Sunday, April 20, 2008

Family dinners and dieters...

Today is the last day my mother in law and her partner are visiting here in Ohio, and it was Sunday which is when I try as often as possible to have all of my bunch here for dinner. Everyone managed to show up today and my mother in law was surprised at how I can manage to feed that many people all with different diet requirements, my son who can not handle any dairy products, one daughter who's a vegetarian who's also using weight loss pills as part of being on a diet, the one daughter who won't eat red meat...I think you get the idea (lol).

So what did I make? Beef shish kabob, veggie kabobs, chicken breast (with and without barbeque sauce, potato salad, cole slaw, guacamole dip with tortilla chips and for those who aren't dieting? Cheesecake with cherries and/or a brownie with non-dairy whipped topping drizzled with caramel sauce...Everyone had a great time and since my mother in law had not seen my son in five years, it was a good chance for her to spend time with him, his wife and their baby daughter. Amazingly? No sibling squabbles...

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