Saturday, March 29, 2008

You don't have to remove your ear rings so why nipple rings?

While this could be another reason to tell your family and friends why they should not have their nipples pierced...I don't get the logic behind making Mandi Hamlin have to remove her nipple rings before boarding a plane, especially with pliers, talk about an "ouch" moment.

I've never had to remove ear rings or any type of a necklace so why should she have to have removed the nipple rings? I understand the whole concept of why the TSA agents can't just take your word for it if you say you are pierced in an area of your body that is not visible, but she did offer to show the female agent in private proof that she was pierced.

Not to be too sexually graphic, but there are people who are pierced in other regions of the body that are below the waist line, it makes me wonder what would happen in that scenario. Excuse me but what type of metal do you have in your undie region?


Hooda Thunkit said...

It's just another TSA guy's sort of fantasy...

If the ring were to be allowed to remain in place (in the TSA perv's mind) would have to undergo very close and intense scrutiny.

Let's hope and pray for a juicy lawsuit on this one.

Roland Hansen said...

Reminds me of the name of a children's game.
Know which one I mean?
"Ring Around The Rosie"

Thoth said...

Nothing that the TSA does has ever made any sense. There are so many ignorant rules that do nothing to really protect us and then some of the things that really could go a long way towards doing that aren't. And if you fly a lot there is so much inconsistency in the way different airports do security checks.....