Friday, March 28, 2008

Fleming runs for Congress

I could have easily titled this post Dr John Fleming wants to go to Washington, since he is a family practice physician in Louisiana. He's also a Republican which makes it a bit unusual for me to focus on but the reality is one of the key issues that faces our nation is health care. It affects so many other economic aspects of our society and our government when you consider Medicaid and Medicare.

You can easily find out more on the issues that the John Fleming for congress campaign is focusing on through his website. It's clear no matter his party affiliation that he is not a career politician and that is something that I think everyone agrees is part of the problem in our government, people need someone to represent them.

What I immediately noticed when visiting the John Fleming campaign website,, was the tech savvy aspects of it. That's also an area where I believe Washington needs to improve on, electing more representation that is actually aware of the technology of today and how to make use of it.

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